Monday, November 26, 2012

Spelling Lists for 05/13/13 - 05/17/13

List 1:  flies, blue, toes, tried, cried, glue, hoe, dried, true, due

List 2:  except, justice, office, acid, absence, pencil, success, sentence, accident, fence

List 3:  optional, extension, mention, discussion, mansion, distinction, reaction, vision, condition, tension

Monday, October 8, 2012

Math Fact Tests

We will begin soon our timed tests on math facts.  Everyone begins with 1+1.  The children are given 2 1/2 minutes to complete 50 problems.  They must answer 48 correctly to move to the next level.  You can help your child prepare for these tests by quizzing them on the facts (up to 9).  We will try to have 2 timed math tests each week - on Tuesday and Friday.


This week we have begun our spelling work.  Each Monday your child will record a list of words in their spelling copybook, work with those words during the week, and take a test on their spelling on Friday.  We only do this on weeks when we are in school for the full 5 days.  Shorter weeks do not give them enough time to prepare for a test.  You can look on the BLOG each week to view these words yourself and work with your child at home to prepare for the test.  We have begun simply with 3 lists -List 1 contains words for 1st-year students, List 2 contains words for 2nd-year students, and List 3 contains words for the 3rd-year students.  As the year progresses there may be more than 3 lists.  Your child should be able to help you identify the list on which they are working.

Kidsfest Country

The country we are studying this year is Australia.  We have begun reading books about Australia, learning facts about the land.  We also have a book of Australian stories we are sharing.  If you have things to share with us about the country we are studying or if you know someone from Australia who would like to talk with us about their native country, please let us know.